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Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Draws to a Close

My gosh, it has been a very eventful year for us even though it really hasn't been reflected on this blog.  The bottom line is, I author six blogs BUT life events resulted in me losing a bit of my blogging mojo.  Somehow, the simplest task of editing a picture for the blog became a huge chore I just couldn't do.  Now, I know that sounds funny but I've been blogging for over six years now and with six blogs that for quite some time were getting daily updates, perhaps I burned myself out.  Or perhaps spending time at our vacation home and not wanting to be on the computer all the time contributed to the problem.  But is was the the first year in our new home so there was a lot to do, I had a nasty slip and fall in February and my husband was hospitalized for five days with an unknown gastrointestinal problem in August.

I have a few plans for this blog in 2013.  I really do love the idea of Blog Your Blessings Sunday but most of the original participants are long gone, bloggers on the blogrolll have quite blogging and I think even the founder no longer participates.  It was a wonderful blogging concept that just ran its time then fizzed.  Clearly that is something I will need to change in the up coming year.  I will likely make a new graphic and rename the Sunday posts to reflect that even in the bad times, there are blessings.  The Wordless Wednesday posts are always great even though I have be slack of late but I think I'm going to keep them in another form.  Originally, Wordless Wednesday was started by bloggers to post a picture that says a million words without anything added.  It not like any of the Wordless Wednesday crowd ever acknowledges me so I suppose renaming them wouldn't be a huge issue, so maybe I will rename it to my pic of the week.  

So expect a few changes in the posts, perhaps the introduction of a couple of regular posts and the modification of two of the regular posts.  I will be doing a bit of background tweaking but for the most part you shouldn't see anything.  I'm looking forward to a brand new year with a few changes and hopefully getting this blog back on track :)