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Monday, April 30, 2007

Click & Comment Monday

My day-planner sheets have an inspirational quote at the top of each day. In the bottom corner is an icon with the reminding thought for that month. For the month of April the thought has been Cherish along with the supporting thoughts to reach that goal of nurture, replenish and shine. Cherish means to treat with affection and hold dearly. I'm reminded of the old love song Cherish by The Association. What are your thoughts on cherishing those who mean the most to you.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blog Your Blessing Sunday - It is What it is

I would love to report that last week was perfect but it wasn't. As far as weeks go it wasn't the worst one in my life but it was a far cry from the best one. I was lamenting to my husband after the Examination for Discovery. He listened patiently to all my concerns then replied simply "It is what it is." and gave me a huge hug. Everything just seemed ok if even for a few moments. Last week blessings:

  1. my husband
  2. my family
  3. a personal paradyme shift
  4. a quiet acceptance
  5. comfort and strength from nature
  6. return of the goldfinches
  7. tulips waving in the wind
  8. cooking for pleasure and relaxation
  9. an inexpensive and unexpected furnace repair
  10. unexpected friendliness from a semi-enemy (or perhaps just dealing with their own problems enough to make problems for us)

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Clouds with Filters

This photo is actually one of the clouds posted earlier this week. Out of frustration to get some type of picture that actually portrayed more of how I feel today, I played with Photoshop. It was a way for me to calm down, collect my bearings and get back to life. I think it shows some of my turmoil and frustration in a rather interesting way.

Today would have been one of the best rants since I had the Examination for Discovery from the defense lawyer today. I bit my tongue so many times during the lovely, lLet's get to know you questioning for two and a half hours. I did not breakdown, curse or kill him so that's likely a very good thing especially since this is likely the first of at least one more if not two bonding opportunities with the balding, overweight, heart attack waiting to happen defense lawyer to whom I have to explain every detail of my life. My lawyer said I handled everything very professionally. What came out in this though is my lawyer is now launching a second lawsuit against the insurance company to run concurrent with the first lawsuit. All I could think about was "Oh goodie, like I'm not stressed enough!". I really need to get away from this.

So, even though it is not Sunday, I'm going to blog my blessings from today. All in all, my conduct and answers were professional without getting emotional, snotty, sarcastic or my temper in an uproar. Every time I felt I was going to explode, I just looked out the window and counted to ten. I saw the birds flitting through the rain, the rain beading on the window panes and the vivid green behind the green. All the signs of spring gave me the strength to do what I had to do today. For that I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Ruby Sunrise

April 23, 2007

There is something about mornings that I just love. It could be the quiet just before the world awakes or it could be the promise of a new start. This was yesterday's sunrise. I think I'm getting the camera setting a bit better. Despite the red skies and rain around us, it only rained briefly here. Others lost power but I don't think there was a lot of rain. Today promises more rain as the storms move north.

Monday, April 23, 2007

The Squirrel

This Morning's Entertainment

I joined the Click and Comment Monday bloggers. So please click and comment about today's' picture. This picture is kind of a fluke. We had an indoor rodent problem so after taken other measures we installed several electronic and solar pest deterrents throughout the house. The side effect has been the squirrels do not like our yard much anymore. I toss out peanuts each morning for the bluejays. If you want to see a cute video of them taken a couple of days ago, visit my gardening blog, Garden Gnome Wanderings. Each bluejay has their own unique personality as do squirrels. It can be quite entertaining to watch both. Before the pest deterrents, the bluejays would actually go after the squirrels and quite often the squirrels were on the losing end. This young squirrel braved the sonic bombardment then scurried haphazardly into the safely of the maple tree. The picture was take from indoors on zoom using a Canon PowerShot A540.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blog Your Blessing Sunday - Life Can Change in an Instant

The events of last week were a vivid reminder to all as to how one's life can change in an instant. Never pass by the opportunity to tell those important in your life how much they mean to you. Last week was an emotional and stressful one for me on so many levels but it was also filled with many blessings. Last week's blessings:

  1. family - love, emotional support, laughter, communication
  2. memories - the creation of my garden
  3. creativity - mainly in the kitchen, Photoshop
  4. the sun's kisses
  5. blue skies - vivid, bright blue!
  6. blazing sunsets - absolutely gorgeous sunsets
  7. bluejay antics
  8. greenhouse peppers from a friend
  9. chatting with neighbours
  10. help with templates from other bloggers

Saturday, April 21, 2007

all alone

I took this video clip of the remaining guinea hen. I'm pretty sure this is a female and her distress is quite obvious. She isn't eating simply calling for her mate that will never come. She was like this yesterday and again today. The noise is precisely why the others were killed by callous individuals not understanding how beneficial guinea hens can be. It's not likely she will be nesting in this state of distress. What a shame to see!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Man Wins or Does He?

April 19, 2007

Yesterday started off with the promise of a gorgeous and mild day. The real estate agent was showing the house at 4:30 PM so I did the spit and shine routine then headed to the grocery store. I wanted something cooking to give a nice aroma so decided on a small sirloin roast along with fruit to refresh the never ending fruit bowl. That left me enough time to prep the meal, do a little blogging and relax. Since I would be home, the game plan was for her to show the outside first then I go outside while she shows the inside. Everything went according to plan. As always my camera is with me except when sleeping. This is the sight that just brought a great day crashing down!

I've blogged on my garden blog about the guinea hens wandering through the neighbourhood. Guinea hens are great escape artists. At first there was one they he brought his friends so for the past few months there were three. They make a lot of noise but other than that are quite benefical in the garden so I welcomed them. One of my neighbours built a shelter for them and another left his shed open so they had somewhere to rest. Then there were two. Rumour had it that a certain neighbour had trapped one.

Mid-afternoon there was a lot of noise from one of guinea hens so I looked outside. Sure enough there was only one but it was obvious this bird was greatly distressed. I wandered out to the water while the house was being shown only to this sickening sight. The cowardly person who killed the guinea hen simply tossed it into the water. This morning I have watched his mate desperately search for him. She is very distressed. It is such a sad sight to see!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Finer Side of Allergiies

The real estate agent called yesterday wanting to show the house today. No problem except I don't think I've had much sleep in the last 96 hours. The reason being is allergies. People talk of the allergy season starting. Mine is year round but does get worse this time of year. So I'm doing the allergy twist aka not sleeping more than 20 minutes at a time. The allergy twist goes like this. One nostril gets totally plugged which signals your body to turn over allowing that nostril to clear but filling the other. Repeat as needed. This goes on all night or until you can't stand it anymore so you get up well before your normally would. Then another thing happens. Both nostrils clear then all heck breaks out. It is instant drip city! I mean running, drip I need a tissue right this minute drip! Now why couldn't it drip when I want to sleep? But that is not enough. The sneezes start and go on and on and on. I think my record is a sneezing spell of 14 and yes I did count them. I have boxes of kleenex in every room, three in our bedroom and even have them in the staircase. The decor du jour is kleenex boxes. I'm beyond worrying about whether they match the rooms. If there is kleenex in the box, there won't be for long! My nose is a bright red, my eyes constantly watering and hot dang, I look pretty good for this time of year considering I don't wear make-up. I've got the bestest ever allergy shiners you have ever seen! Eye Shadows R Us should market this look!

Oh and just to complicate things, the hot flashes are a real treat. That gives a nice blush and glistening glow to my face providing you can get within viewing distance. Yep, allergy shiners mixed with that flushed glow of hot flashes..I am seriously looking my best right now. Oh I don't know maybe just a touch of flu or something like pneumonia and I might have a bit of highlights. But wait a minute, I forgot to mention the bloating. I must admit I do love the puffy look. It makes me look a lot bigger than I actually am. I suddenly have these things that look like muscles but I'm pretty sure that's just an illusion. We won't even go into the mood swings despite HRT. Hopefully my doctor is reading this one!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


April 17, 2007

Last night's sunset was gorgeous and I managed to take several good shots along with this fluke zoom shot. It reminded me of portals. As you know I like Harry Potter. The wizards in the books uses various means of moving from one location to another including portals. In the Harry Potter series, portals tend to be normal looking objects with magical powers allowing the wizard to enter. Portals are not new in the literary world though. A rabbit hole was the portal in Alice in Wonderland, a garden gate was the portal in The Secret Garden, the wardrobe is the portal in the Narnia series and the car was a portal in Back to the Future. Then there's the most reported portal from those who have had near death experiences. The portal is a tunnel with a bright light at the end.

It's interesting to ponder on portals especially on a dull grey and rainy day. Do they exist? Is there any proof that they do not? Are dreams a type of portal taking us to another plane of existence? Have you ever woke from a dream that was just too real? Something to ponder...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sad News fro Virginia Tech

Our condolences and prayers go out to the victims, families, college community and extended community of Virginia Tech.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Family

I have a whole list of blessings to share from last week but somehow this video of our grandbaby just seemed perfect. She is now 3 months old and this video was taken Easter weekend. That's my husband's hand and if you listen carefully, I make a short comment right at the start of the video. She's going to be a social being! It is on my desktop so every time I get a negative thought, I just play it again. This is what it's all about...family!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I have mentioned the national Canadian pass-time of bashing CBC in previous entries. Yesterday, I took a bit of a television break, settling in to watch The Gill Deacon show on CBC only to discover that apparently Canadian have developed a new passion. That passion is bashing Toronto! This has become such a trend that award winning, Canadian filmmaker and director Albert Nerenberg newest film, Let's All Hate Toronto documents all the reasons the rest of Canada hates Toronto. According to Nerenberg, the number one comment regarding Toronto when the cameras were turned on was Toronto Sucks our new Canadianism. He says Toronto is an American city inside the Canadian border. Onto the scene comes Robert Spence aka Mr Toronto and he blogs about his love for Toronto. He's hitting the road using Toronto Appreciation Days in other Canadian cities to show his love for Toronto.

This is a totally new one for me! I live in Canada, born and bred and about as Canadian as they come. For years there have always been snide little remarks about someone having a Toronto attitude meaning that they were a little hoity toity as in coming in all high and mighty telling rural folk how to do things but never as far as hating the city. We are about three and a half hours from Toronto and some of our kids live in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We are in Toronto several times a year. We love the city and everything it has to offer. At one time we even considered buying a condo there. We have no problem walking around the downtown core area, eating at the outdoor cafés, shopping, taking in entertainment, riding the subway and trollies or visiting Chinatown. We have never had a bad experience in Toronto. I think the worst we've experienced is traffic but it is a city so that is to be expected. Toronto is a large city with problems that come with larger cities but certainly not enough for any Canadian to hate it!

Kudos to Mr. Toronto! Keep up the good work.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Interesting Clouds

March 25, 2007

Winter has returned here despite a couple of very warm days early last week. By mid-week we had hail and fallen temperatures. Easter brought colder temperatures and snow. The cold spell has lasted all this week which is both good and bad for me. There are things that need to be done outside but it's too cold. Snow was predicted for yesterday and again today. On the bright side I've been able to focus on tasks indoors.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

April's Moon

April 9, 2007

The skies have been so cloudy lately so I just had to take the opportunity to take a photo of the moon again. The first picture came out so the background was almost black but the the moon was fuzzy. The second was similar but a bit better. Finally I got this shot and because I'm playing with new brushes for Photoshop by Obsidian Dawn I did a little embellishing. I need to play with these brushes a bit more.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Fluffy Clouds

Mar 29, 2007

It has been a whirlwind of activity here! Our kids have been down to help do a massive clean-out in preparation for listing the house. We had two family Easter gatherings and our first grandbaby was baptized Easter Sunday. The poor little angel is so exhausted from being passed around from person to person. They were down to help me on Wednesday, went home for doctor's appointments, then back down early Friday morning. She's becoming quite the globe trotter at 3 months of age! Despite all the work, stress and activity we so enjoyed all the kids home. That's what it is all about.

Today is the dog & pony show as one of my kids call it. The house was officially listed yesterday so around 11:30 am all the agents from the real estate firm will be parading through the house. I seriously hate the process of selling. People always comment on your stuff, decorating choices and homemaking skills even though they should be looking at the house itself. It's still our home but while listed I view it more as a house waiting to become a home. I think that is the only way I can deal with the process of selling.

Have a great day!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

This morning our first grandchild was baptized. She looked like a little angel in her long, handmade gown. She slept through most of the service, waking just during the baptism and then again for pictures. The poor little darling is getting tuckered out from being passed from one person to the next as everyone wants to hold her.

Last week proved chaos can increase. With the help of our family, we were able to survive both the chaos and stress. It was a very family focused week! Last week's blessings were:

  1. love
  2. hope
  3. determination
  4. a baby's innocence
  5. family support - emotionally and physically getting house ready to show
  6. family memories - tears, laughter, pride and stories as we went through several boxes of pictures and kids artwork
  7. extended family gatherings
  8. spring cleaning - doesn't sound like a blessing but has made getting the house ready a lot easier
  9. no pink in the sink!
  10. quiet reflection

Happy Easter 2007

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In the Process of Buying a New Home

March 28, 2007

I can't believe it has been less than a week since we first walked through the house we were interested in purchasing. Since then it has been an emotional and tiring roller coaster of activity. We walked through for a second time, put the offer in on Saturday and now are nashing out the details. Our real estate agent is working double time on this one as the owner keeps changing details. Yesterday everything was a go until the owner decided one more thing had to be changed. We can't list our house until the offer is finally settled. Here's the real kicker! That owner is buying a "specific property" if that falls through, our deal would fall through and whoever has a deal on our house would be cancelled too. Talk about stressful!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

New Blog Your Blessings Sunday Banner

blog your blessings Sunday banner
I was playing in Photoshop this morning and decided to make my own "Blog Your Blessings Sunday" sign. I hope you like it. The past week has been eventful with a few serious decisions to be made. Still we found time for love and laughter. For that I'm grateful.

Last Week's Blessings

  1. family support - emotionally
  2. close family relationship
  3. new life in the garden - lemon balm, chives, thyme, rhubarb
  4. beautiful skies
  5. chatting with an elderly couple in a retirement home
  6. being able to donate clothes to charity
  7. compliments from new visitors to our home
  8. finding a good real estate agent
  9. digital camera
  10. only 2 hrs 20 minutes in dentist chair