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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earth Hour Recap

Winter Storm
March 28, 2008

It was a true blessing to be able to participate in Earth Hour this year. Word spread throughout the neighbourhood and because we are in a rural area it was quite dark. Our yard wasn't totally dark though as the solar powered lights were on. Quite a few of our neighbours have solar powered lights as well and the moon was bright in the clear skies. It was a pretty night sky! Congratulations to Toronto, Ontario for exceeding their Earth Hour goal of cutting electricity consumption by 5%. They reached 8.7%! Kitchener-Waterloo reached a 3-5% electricity reduction. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Harper is reported to have snubbed Earth Hour by leaving lights on at 24 Sussex Drive. Shame on you, Prime Minister Harper!

For those following this blog and who have noticed the little countdown ticker, another blessing will soon make his or her entrance into the world. Grandma and Grandpa are staying close to the phone to make the journey for the event. So stay tuned...

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Today we celebrate Earth Hour, a movement started last year in Australia. It has grown from a one city movement to a global movement. I've had the banner on this blog for a few days now. The concept is simple and meant to bring an awareness to climate change. It's easy just turn off all your lights for one hour from 8 to 9 pm tonight.

We are participating in Earth Hour. Along with all electric lights any unnecessary appliances, tv, furnace and the computers will be powered off for one hour. Outside will not be dark as our solar lights will power on. I have oil lights and candles for indoor use but somehow that seems like cheating so I'm going to be doing a bit of stargazing. At the end of Earth Hour, I will add some reflections to my going green journal. I've already run the idea of having an earth hour each week since really going for one hour without electricity per week is quite doable. For us, Earth Hour will be a way of joining millions with one common cause but at the same time finding out more about ourselves.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

where's my crane time?

Sharp Shinned Hawk
March 10, 2008

It did not take long for a Sharpie (Sharp Shinned Hawk) to visit our gardens. I've had the feeders out since we moved in but still to have a Sharpie is an honour. It means I've attracted enough of a diversity of birds to the feeders that could support a Sharpie that feeds off of smaller birds. It can take a few years to attract hawks to your garden since they are looking for a particular food source. For me it was exciting because we have had a rodent problem, something the Sharpie will take care of. However, my husband is not quite as excited given his vivid memories of picking up Mourning Dove carcasses from the last time a Sharpie visited. We will have to see how this one works out. He's been visiting almost daily for the past couple of weeks.

I have suffered from severe sinus headaches for the last five years or so. A few days ago I awoke to pain and being groggy from sleep thought it was a sinus headache. Wrong! Coming to my senses I realized this was very different. I had a stye! Lord all mighty, there was no way it could be a stye since I had my tear ducts lanced years ago. During my pre-teens I would routinely get two to three styes on one eyelid at one time. So they finally lanced the ducts and by early teens styes were history. I dragged my sleepy butt to the mirror and sure enough there in all its red, irritated glory was one heck of a beauty of a stye. Just special! Just what I needed! I should mention I'm still dealing with these other health problems so I really don't need anything else. The stye took a couple of days to subside only to be replaced by two more styes. Now I'm getting just a tad on the ticked off side with this turn of events! It's deja vu...

Where the heck is my crane time?

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

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Friday, March 21, 2008


My Footprints

Footprints are the tangible marks we leave behind. Depending on the medium they may be lasting but even if there is no lasting visible impression there is always an effect. It might be very minor and easily brushed aside but still the effect remains. I don't often talk of my childhood not even with my family. When I was growing up Easter was as now church oriented. I can always remember the excitement. It was never about chocolate or bunnies or baskets but it was about tulips. They had to be up and ready to cut for Easter Sunday at least enough to pin on a Sunday dress. Wearing a red tulip meant your mother was alive while a white meant your mother was passed on. I had the honour of wearing both. To this day the footprints of both intertwine my heart and influence me, their footprints never leaving. It's been one heck of a journey...my own and not one shared with anyone, not even those closest to me and the ones that I love the most. Two tulips, one red, one white......

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sunset's Glow
March 14, 2008

I think I was on the green wagon long before being green was cool. Energy and the use of energy with the resulting costs of using energy has been an interest from as long as I can remember. It has always been an environmental thing with me. So I tinker with alternate power and am constantly looking at greener ways of doing things in our day to day living. If I can get the same desirable results using less energy I will. Union Gas announced the price for natural gas would be increasing April 1, 2008. That sent me into another sealing frenzy. Now anyone looking at our gas bill would scratch their head because since July 28, 2007 to the current billing our natural gas usage cost $576.67. The price increase in natural gas will add an average of $6 per month for an average family. Trust me our energy usage is well below average and I intend to keep it that way. Natural gas in our home includes: hot water, furnace, fireplace, dryer and grill. Given our location that is quite low since some will more than likely spent a good portion of that amount on heating alone for January. Our house is kept at a comfortable temperature during the winter months.

As soon as we moved in here one of the first things unpacked was my caulk gun and caulk. I scoped out possible locations for solar heating and hot water then installed solar outdoor lighting and turned my attention to sealing the house. Sealing air leaks is always the first line of defense. It is the most cost effective, easy to do, DIY project there is but it needs to be ongoing because houses settle and new air leaks can arise. Ok, so back to my frenzy. My trusty caulk gun awaits!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Late BYBS Post

First Robin of 2008
March 7, 2008

I didn't get a chance to post a BYBS post yesterday but I really had to post a delayed one. Read on and you will see why. Sighting the first robin of the season is always a true blessing. This little fellow was scavanging food under the bird feeds on Friday. Despite the weather warnings of a nasty storm, I continued prepping food for the baby shower I was hosting Saturday afternoon. My husband was hosting his poker game Saturday evening so I was also preparing for that. The robin flitted around the yard leading me to think the weatherman was bonkers. Saturday morning I was up bright and early to finish the prep and cooking. It was clear with a nasty looking sky so as far as I was concerned everything was a full go. However, by the time I finished my cup of coffee it was white out conditions with fierce winds and drifts quickly rising. Then I got the phone call no parent wants.

Some of our kids came down the night before the storm hit so they were fine. The ones (aka expectant ones) had a get together Friday night so had called to say they would be travelling in the morning. So Saturday morning when a call came from their cell phone I immediately thought they were calling to say they were on their way. Right and wrong! They called to say they were on their way but spun their SUV out and were waiting for the OPP. Mom-to-be was driving. Preliminary assess said the SUV as a write-off, unrepairable and they've only had it about three months! Anyway, there were no injuries but she went for assessment at a nearby hospital where the did an ultra sound. The amazing blessing is they are ok without a mark, the baby is ok and no one else was involved in the accident. I ended up calling all the baby shower guests to tell them the shower was cancelled and to stay safe by staying off the roads.

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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

February 24, 2008

Last week was a rather interesting one of one step forward and two steps back. It would be easy to complain or even dwell on the frustrations or negative but there were many blessings to be thankful for. The ever changing water view had a real calming and comforting effect that was very much appreciated. One of our kids finally received the much awaited for news so there was a ripple of excitement throughout the family. Our second grandbaby's arrival is quickly approaching so that is adding to the excitement. The kitchen renovations hit a bit of a snag so we decided to finish up one accent wall on the upper level and prep the "we're not sure what we're going to use it for" but was "good livingroom" for painting. The goal is to have the room presentable for two large get togethers this weekend. My health problems are persisting so I'm hoping things improve this coming week. But the sun has been shining more and the promise of warming weather coming is enough to lift the spirits.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's March

Sunset on Ice
February 27, 2008

Spring is just around the corner despite another bitter bite from Jack Frost. March came in like a lamb here. While the temperature is cold and there is a brisk wind, the skies are greyish blue and the sun is shining. The Weather Network is saying that if you consider the first few days of March, it really is coming in like a lion. Time will tell. There is an end to winter in sight though. It is only twenty days until March 21 aka spring! Next weekend we turn the clocks ahead and school children will be on their March Break. Gardeners everywhere are gearing up. Yep, spring is just around the corner...

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