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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Mother's Day

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Happy Mother's Day! 

Normally, I make a gushy and very nostalgic post in honour of both of my moms.  They both know and I know they are always on my mind.  So today, I raise a glass in tribute of what I have learned from both.  I am beyond blessed to have had both of them in my life and not to be remiss, I am very blessed to have had my MIL in my life.

Mothers, especially the good ones are a special breed to always be cherished.  The mediocre mothers should be recognized for the parenting effort they made.  And even though it seems that mediocre mothers didn't care, the reality is they just didn't have the coping skills they needed become a Martha Stewart of mothers.  Life gives hard knocks sometimes and that means even though a mother loved her kids, she just could never do as good as she wanted.  Bad mothers, well we will just leave it at that because even a bad mother can have a positive effect, regardless how small on a child's life

Today, pay tribute to those mothers and the legacy they gave us or continue to give us.  We acknowledge that they did the best they could to nourish us, protect us, teach us and guide us into adulthood.  We cherish their love, faith, compassion, hope and fears.  We give them credit for their patience through the terrible twos, the countless questions, and nights spent waiting up late we we arrived home later than we should have.  We respect them as individuals and we love them because despite everything we as children ever did they loved us unconditionally.  We are their children, their pride and joy.  They are our mother, the one person in the world we would do anything for...they cycle of life and love.

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