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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Traveling in In Climate Weather

We live in beautiful Ontario, Canada.  February and March are always pissy months especially when it come to traveling.  Heck, you can have sunny skies and dry roads easily turn into freezing rain and black ice.  Right now we are getting freezing rain.  This is the time we love to avoid driving if at all possible.  Now, we live in a community without public transit but hubby can walk to the office in about 5 minutes.  I can walk to the grocery store in about the same time.

If we have to travel out of town, if the weather is bad we just post pone it unless we have vacation plans.  Then it is onto plan B.  Most of our traveling to the sunny south is via air BUT we also enjoy traveling by train.  Granted we have to drive to the airport or train station but once there, travel is usually problem free.  We can grab a bit to eat and relax until we meet our destination.  It's a win:win situation that leave us not exhausted from fighting weather conditions when we arrive at our destination

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