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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Onto Round Two

Well, I really shouldn't say round two as round one is still hanging in there.  There is a horrid cold strain going around and I managed to catch it despite avoiding people like the plague, frequently washing my hands and not touching my face.  This is what at best I can describe as being a cold/flu hybrid as it has symptoms of a cold, the worst coughing fits ever producing a burning searing pins and needles sensation, mild gastointestinal upset, overall achy and yet no fever.  There's been some night sweats but that's it as far as fever and since I've had them before, I doubt they are related to this illness.  My cheeks are a bright red and according to others I look sick (nice complement) and the best compliment ever is I look pasty.

I am taking a tremendous amount of dietary supplements so now we wait and wait for this blasted illness to break..................

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