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Thursday, July 04, 2013

The Cottonmouth

cottonmouth snake at our vacation home resort

The Cottonmouth Snake
May 12, 2013

We spent most of May at our vacation home in sunny Florida.  As is customary, I go for a golf cart ride around our resort after dinner.  There are many interconnecting small lakes and ponds so there is an abundance of wildlife.  One evening, my husband and I decided to take the ride together.  A few roads from our house we spotted a snake.  I'm not fond of snakes by any stretch of the imagination especially any larger than about six inches long.  I immediately knew this was a poisonous snake but wanted a picture anyway.  Let me tell you, it was hard for me to get a picture because I was shaking, hoping we would not spook it enough that it would strike.  The picture was taken from inside the golf cart about twelve feet away from the almost four foot long cottonmouth snake.  Needless to say we gave this snake the respect it deserved, took our pictures then scurried off looking for more photo opportunities!

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