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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Alive and Still Kicking...

No, I have not dropped off the face of the earth but I have been extremely busy.  The first of the year I decided I wanted to paint all the rooms in the house before spring.  Well, I'm pleased to say I made a very good start but did not make that goal.  We have had a lot of activity going on in the house with various service and contract people in.  The problem is, each tends to take up a good day or more of time leaving me a lot less online time.  So far the custom woodworker has finished the bathroom but the doors to the cabinet weren't quite right so he is redoing them.  In the meantime, he built in the bulkhead in the kitchen in a gorgeous oak to match our kitchen cabinets but the colour is off just slightly and we like the new colour so the cabinets have to be refinished.  See how it goes, one project leads into another one!  Then they installed our new garage door opener as the old one just quit and installed the central vacuum unit to replace the broken new vacuum just out of warranty.  His work tied up a good three days and he is far from finished.  Onward to our window treatment saga.  We ordered panel sliders for the patio doors and California shutters for the large front window.  They came out last Saturday for the install.  The panels were the wrong material and the shutters ended up only partially installed.  They are up but will fall if you try to open fully because there is nothing securing the shutters other than the hinges.  At a cost of almost $2,500, going through a business with a top notch reputation and tying up a Saturday afternoon, I was beyond being disappointed.  The good news is the new panels are scheduled to be installed this afternoon aka more time tied up.   The plumber was in to fix the upper level shower which ended up spanning three days then he was back to install a water powered sump pump backup system which took up another day.  We live in what the insurance company deems a flood prone area so our insurance went up $300 by moving here.  This backup system will give us a discount on our insurance policy.  The alarm company was in to determine the security system install for this coming week. 

Aside of the various service and contract people filling in my days, I have been volunteering at the breakfast club three mornings a week then running my errands in the morning and getting things done around the house in the afternoons.  Early this week one of the volunteers at the breakfast club had a stroke so I was there every day this week.  I don't mind and really enjoy being around the kids.  I did a bit of volunteering a couple of evenings and play volleyball once a week.  Actually, I don't play volleyball well at all but my doctor said moving is good for pain control so I go there to fill a spot but at least I'm out and moving a little.  I'm also walking daily, something that isn't going to hurt me and it's good for the heart.  Oh, and I'm spearheading a new and very exciting community project.  It is a lot of work but I think it will be great for the community once up and running properly.

So, I'm alive and still kicking, just busy getting our new home settled and looking forward to the nicer weather...

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