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Monday, January 21, 2013

A Recap on 2012

Well, for the most part I think 2012 came up slapped me in the arse, twisted me around and said thank-you very much.  It was about the oddest year even though we made a lot of progress.  Life is good and it is really beyond being good so I can't complain.  Even though we were adjusting to our new home, we did a lot of renovations, travelled more, entertained more and life was basically good.  Just 2012 was odd.

I had an injury accident that saw me off my feet for about 3 weeks.  Then hubby came down with a gastrointestinal upset that put him in the hospital for five days.  He very seldom gets sick but when he does, he does it good!  The weather was off the entire summer and the first time we took the boat out we took out the outdrive, again.  We used the boat twice meaning it was a costly toy.  The decision has been made to sell the boat.  End of.  That was made a bit easier by a new acquisition last week.

So, looking back at 2012 the only word that works is odd.  Good but odd.....

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