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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Cold From H E Double Hockey Sticks!

I'm just getting over a cold.  It didn't present like a cold.  In fact, it presented as a sore neck so I thought I had aggravated an old injury.  The sore neck gave way to a horrible sore throat.  A week ago Monday, the coughing started and there came my nightmare.  The coughing started suddenly making me feel my lungs were going to explode along with a beyond painful sensation of searing pins and needles (paresthesias) throughout my body.  For the next two days, I experienced that horrible sensation with each coughing fit followed by vomiting.  The sensation was a bring tears to your eyes worse than childbirth pain.  Once the cough settled down somewhat the residual effects of that searing pain remained so even today, I have some rather tender to the touch spots.  I'm still troubleshooting to find out what caused the pain.  I'm telling you this was the worst cold I have ever experienced and believe me I have had a few doosies.  And it was a cold because over the 11 day duration, I did not have a fever.

Be warned, there is a horrid strain of whooping cough going around.  Now this was not whooping cough as there was no fever or the tell tale whoop sound but it was brutal!  There is also a very nasty and very aggressive flu strain going around.  So do take a few preventative measures to stay healthy and happy during this cold and flu season.

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