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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Sick Factor

During the worst of my recent cold symptoms, I called my doctor to get evaluated, actually as soon as the coughing led to vomiting.  It was an odd week with her away for a funeral so I could either go to the walk-in clinic (30 minutes away) or to emerg.  Now the thing is I was not running a fever, the classical sign that you are sick.  My cheeks were bright red but no fever so I continued treating at home.  I figured sitting in the comforts of my own home with hot tea was a bit more pleasant than sitting in an emergency waiting room.  So, I called my doctor with an update of my status and the symptoms yesterday.  To which, apparently, there is now a great need to be evaluated.  Go figure!  Most of the symptoms are gone.  My body is beyond sore from the searing pins and needles, my skin is tender to the touch but other than that I feel just fine and I'm looking good too. At any rate, she would like to see me NOW.  Honestly, I feel no reason to go but perhaps there is something I am missing.  So I will humour her just a tad and hopefully in the end find out what caused that horrible searing pins and needles sensation!

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