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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Arriving Home

approaching Ambassador Bridge from the US side
Arriving Home
December 23, 2014

We spent the month of October at our vacation home in sunny Florida, came home for three weeks then back down for five weeks.  Those last five weeks seemed long as the weather had turned cold so we were indoors more.  Still, it was warmer than Ontario!  We left Florida just before 7 AM on Monday, December 22 with the intentions of stopping in Kentucky for the night.  However, by the time we reached Kentucky, my husband was still feeling good and surprisingly despite being cramped in the car, I didn't feel too bad either.  We stopped for a quick break and continued on planning to stop a couple of hours down the road or when we got tired.  Suddenly we realized that we were only five hours from home so decided there was no point stopping overnight.  We stopped for gas and close to 1:30 AM were greeted with the beautiful sight of the Ambassador Bridge, like a beacon in the night welcoming us to home sweet home, Canada.  After a quick stop at Duty Free and gassing up, we crossed the bridge to clear customs then were on our way to our home.  It had been a long but uneventful 18 1/2 hour drive!  Home in time for the holidays...

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