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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Union Station Chicago

Union Station Chicago
Union Station Chicago
January 27, 2014

We took a long weekend last January to do a bit of travelling by train last January.  Honestly, I don't think we could have chose a colder weekend!  It was bitterly cold as in chilled to the bone, did not thaw out until a couple of days after getting home.  Union Station in Chicago was gorgeous but there was no heat!  We found a little restaurant there that thankfully had heat but just barely.  Still we had a hot meal before heading back into the very cold terminal to catch our train.  The train ride was also bitterly cold, wind blasting in each time the door between cars opens.  Along with the wind, came a good blast of fine snow.  The snow was so bad, the crew closed the dining car due to drifting.  The cold affected the tracks slowing the train and at one point, the crew had to stop to check the track because of an error code.  Goodness, I'm shivering just writing about it!

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