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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Spring Has Sprung

Blog Your Blessings Sunday
We have had a very unseasonably mild winter with very little in the way of snowfall or even cold snaps.  Unfortunately that has resulted in more sickness from germs not killed off by the cold snaps but as a family we have managed to stay fairly healthy this past winter.  Wiraton Willie predicted an early spring and sure enough we are right at the six week mark for his prediction.  Yesterday it started warming up and I even spotted the first robin of the season. Today we reached a high of 61ºF so I had the furnace off and windows open.  We grilled steaks on the charcoal side of our outdoor grill.  The air smelled heavenly all day, fresh and clean during the day with the amazing aroma of steaks on the grill for dinner.  It is supposed to nice the rest of the week.  What a great weather for the kids to have for March Break!

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