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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Unbelievable Weather!

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Last Sunday I blogged about the temperature reaching 61ºF so I turned the furnace off.  I expected the unseasonably warm weather to last a day or two.  Little did I know it would last all week!  We had temperatures into the low 70º F during the day and low 50º F at night.  My gosh, these temperatures are unheard of for this time of year in southwestern Ontario.  Unbelievable!  Folks are walking around in shorts, sandals, and short sleeve tops.  Kids have been walking by in bare feet.  I think this is pushing it a bit given the amount of illness going around.  The warm spell is predicted to last all this week as well.  I am elated to be able to turn the furnace off this early in the year.  What absolutely gorgeous weather!

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