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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Despite Good Intentions

For the past couple of months or more I have been involved in getting a much needed community project up and running.  It was my idea and with some rather impressive support, I have been rather busy.  Today we held an informational session that was beyond a dismal failure.  It really was beyond a slap in the face and while I am a bit discouraged, I have every confidence my idea will fly.  What I don't understand is folks giving the mouth support but nothing more.  Furthermore, I can't understand why a government agency would give mouth support without following through.  What I do understand is myself.  I did not earn four post secondary degrees while raising our kids while helping in our family business to simply walk away when the going gets tough.  Like it or not, with or without the mouthpieces support THIS PROJECT WILL GO AHEAD.  It WILL be a successful project and one that will serve our community well.  Our intentions have been good and yet despite the good intentions, apathy prevailed.  What today showed is we really need to light a fire under the apathy displayed by this community and trust me, I'm just the person to do so! What the he---, if you can't help yourself as a community then exactly who should be helping you?  It's time to take a stand, help yourselves!

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