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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Big Snow Storm

neighbour clearing our driveway
Neighbour Clearing Our Driveway
January 6, 2014

Like many in southern Ontario, we are still digging out from under a very deep blanket of snow.  The snow started in earnest Saturday evening, worsening Sunday.  The road conditions quickly deteriorated as the winds picked up whipping the blinding snow into a frenzy.  Then the freezing rain hit followed by more snow.  The plows off the road resuming operations this morning to start the clearing.  Residents have been asked to stay off the roads and there is a parking ban on all municipal streets to help with the clearing of the snow.   Still they were hindered by cars stuck on roadways.  There were reports of power outages and closures as the temperatures plummeted to record lows.  A lot of cars and generators won't start due to the cold.  Many are reporting frozen pips.  Warming stations are open. 

We are very, very blessed to have wonderful neighbours who cleared our driveway.  It quickly filled in so they cleared it again!  Our power has stayed on so our house is warm and cozy.  One of our friend's furnace blower quit so his house is in the 60's because he can only run the furnace for very short periods of time.  We lent him our electric space heaters.  He doesn't want to leave his house in case the pipes freeze!  The temperatures continue to fall. 

This storm has had a huge impact across North America due to the polar vortex.  I suspect it will be affecting many areas for several days yet...

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