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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The East River Mountain Tunnel

The East River Mountain Tunnel between West Virginia and Virginia
The East River Mountain Tunnel
October 9, 2013
We left Ontario on October 9, 2013 en route to Florida where our vacation home is.  We spend about three months of the year there, divided over three trips.   We decided to drive this time since we would be spending three weeks there, fly home for three weeks then return to our vacation home for five weeks.   We took I-77 south to I-95 south, a bit longer route than the direct route I-75, specifically to make a sightseeing stop in Savannah, Georgia.   The East River Mountain Tunnel carries I-77 through East River Mountain between Bloomfield, West Virginia and Rocky Gap, Virginia. 

Originally, we had planned on staying overnight in Pipe Stem, Tennessee at an interesting sounding little bed and breakfast (Nostalgia Inn).  The hostess reassured us we did not need reservations, to just come.  About an hour away, we called to let them know we would be arriving within the hour.  Imagine our surprise to have the hostess tell us that she just wasn't up to company.  Apparently she was expecting a larger group that weekend and didn't feel like cleaning again before then!  It was bad enough that our plans were changed with that one phone call but worse was her beyond horrible attitude.  We thanked our lucky stars know with that kind of an attitude the place would have been disappointing anyway.  I guess she never heard of Karma!  We moseyed on to Orangeburg, South Carolina where we had a pleasant stay for the night, happy we had made good mileage that day which would put us at our vacation home earlier than expected the following day.

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