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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Adjusting Sort-of

My gosh it has been a long, long week!  We are adjusting to our new home but still going back and forth to the old house.  I'm sick so it really is taking longer to do a lot of things and there are a few things that need to be done before the house is fully functional (eg. fixing toilets, fixing a shower, installing dishwasher, installing dryer, installing kitchen stove).  So my husband fixed one of the toilets this morning.  The good news is it is no longer just running.  The bad new is now it is flushing itself ever 30 seconds.  The outdoor grill is up an operational so we had a lovely porkchop dinner with friends over while battling mosquitoes and bees but the good thing is I ate almost my entire meal something I haven't been able to do in almost three weeks.  I have reverted to falling asleep early then getting up early as opposed to falling asleep early then sleeping into late morning so I think that is a good sign as well.  My husband is sleeping better as well.  I don't think we realized how much the external noise disrupted our sleep.  That has been one of the biggest changes in that we are getting a better quality of sleep so we are awaking considerably more refreshed and alert in the mornings.  We are both having problems adjusting to the hard flooring with me being worse as far as aching but in fairness we have had a week of rain so my joints would be aching anyway.  So  we are adjusting but only sort-of at the moment.

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