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Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Husband and I are Nice People

Not only are we nice people our motto is always to treat folk with respect and take the high road.  That's just the way we are.  Today it was so difficult though.  So my husband's aging laptop is giving it up so we went shopping for a new one with a game plan in mind.  The new one goes home, the old one stays here and if the old one finally goes I get a new Mac with the old Mac coming here.  Hey, I thought it was a perfect plan.  First my husband is driving along and for no reason was flipped the bird.  Apparently he was number one in their book.  Then this little car and I do mean little figured they could squeeze between us and the car in front of us.  This is precisely why a bit of alcohol for the passengers should be allowed when driving!

We continued on to our next stop where either I am invisible or simply not tall enough to signal the shopper behind me not to run me over.  Thanks so much shopper as now I have a few fresh bruises to take over the fading bruises from move. I'd hate to see myself walk around without at least one bruise! <sarcasm>  Perhaps I should get my husband to put me in the kiddie part of the cart just to keep me safe from other shoppers <major sarcasm>.  Then we picked out our purchase (laptop, computer equipment and misc.) some of which had to be unlocked then taken immediately to the till where the guy told the gal we were next inline BUT apparently Miss Holier Than Thou I'm in a Hurry felt it quite appropriate to cut in line then proceeded to waste a good 20 minutes trying to pay.  By then I was ready to lose it, gave the check-out girl a glaring look while making a comment to the effect we were there first to which I got a glaring look from my husband so shut up silently thinking I should wander off to their pharmacy section to get any possible sedative available.  We finally got checked out then put our lovely purchases in the car and headed home upon which I declared it an excellent time to go to the club house for dinner.  I'm sorry but I'm tired, miserable, and have more aches and pains from moving than anyone needs.

So we get to the club house and ordered a Greek salad and large pizza.  We clearly told George what we wanted on the pizza which of course came with none of the toppings we ordered.  I told George that isn't what we ordered while my husband quietly started scrapping off the toppings to eat what was left.  I was just too tired to say much more and besides there are in our long married life together only a couple of times we have ever sent a meal back which is saying a lot considering we both are major foodies.  We left three-quarters of the pizza untouched, paid our tab with me vowing to my husband I would never eat there again on the way to the car with him saying 'you know what mistakes happen' so we will try it again.

My husband wandered off to play poker with his entourage while I had a steaming hot bath.  In the big picture a lot of things that happened today could have caused a blow-out.  My husband and I are nice people so blow-outs are just not our style.  We believe in Karma and pay-it-forwards.  Today was a bad day but tomorrow will be a better one and you really can't ask for more than that.

Oh and I have to tell you about a wonderful person coming out of a store we were going into.  His arm was in a cast and he was using a crutch.  Like a true gentleman he held the door open for me.  I smiled and said I should be the one holding the door for him.  He smiled back and said 'pass it on'.  Even a bad day holds priceless gems :)

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