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Friday, September 30, 2011

Winding Down From the Move

We are gradually winding down from the move.  I'm still rather high strung and getting my bearings but we have the house pretty much livable.  I'm taking advantage of the upheaval to do a bit of decluttering even though we did a lot of decluttering preparing for the move.  The reality is what works at one house doesn't always work at the next house so there's no point hanging onto these items.  I started experimenting in cooking with natural gas but found my childhood and camping days are somewhat like riding a bicycle so using natural gas for cooking has not been much of an adjustment.  Surprisingly, this house is quite a bit quieter than our old house so I'm sleeping better as well as getting up earlier in the day.  The house is lighter and brighter so it's really helping me with SAD.  I think this winter will be a lot nicer in terms of mood with all the beautiful sunlight in our new home as well as the few weeks we get away to our vacation home.  I've changed all the email and addresses over.  I kept our old email account until the end of the month just to catch those who haven'tor need to be updated with out new contact information.  All in all, things are winding down with the move.  Now off to ceramics to create a couple of new gnomes :)

Garden Gnome

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