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Friday, September 02, 2011

Lexington Harbor

Lexington Harbor
Lexington Harbor
August 27, 2011

Lexington Harbor lies at the bottom of a rather steep hill.  The only way to get to the restaurants or shops is to climb that hill.  On average we climb the hill three times a day and I do have to say that it is most annoying to get back to the harbor only to realize you forgot to buy a needed item so back up the hill you go.  It makes for a wonderful mini-vacation filled with a fair amount of exercise.  Pictured is Lexington Harbor flags on the harbor.  The stone wall separates the harbor from Lake Huron.  There is a paved walking path along the top of the stone wall to walk from the harbor to the lighthouse at the mouth of the harbor (southern end of harbor).  It is a rather popular walk to watch the sunrise over Lake Huron.  There is a public beach on Lake Huron on the north side of the harbour that is quite popular. 

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