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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Living Between Two Houses

We are in the midst of moving.  Now technically we have fifteen days to do the actual move which is nice because I detest these move in one day moves.  We are essentially living between two houses at the moment.  We have no phone service at our old house but have a new phone number at the new house.  That didn't really matter much as we were considering going to cell phone only.  We don't have tv or internet at the new house until Tuesday so to blog and do my Adgitize I have to go to the old house.  My new gas range, dishwasher and pub style table arrived this morning.  Once the moving is done for the day my husband will connect up the stove and dishwasher.  It will be a laid back evening of relaxing.  I've been unpacking a putting things away as they come in so on the new house end things aren't too bad.  Other than that we are plugging along, happy with our new house and can't wait until the work is done!  Oh an one of our grandbabies is coming to stay overnight.  We are babysitting while the parents go to a wedding tomorrow.  It's too bad the pool isn't open but peaches are ripe for the picking!  I'm sure grandbaby will love the new guest bedroom we've set up.

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