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Friday, September 16, 2011

Like a Kid in the Candy Store

I am a book fanatic!  As a result I have a rather extensive library collection that much to the dismay of my husband and anyone else helping us move.  In addition to my library collection I have binders and binders of carefully written notes for every course ever taken during my academic career spanning 4 degrees over a ten year period.  Our last house was rather odd to say the least and I just don't know why.  Our family photos, original artwork and the vast majority of my books were never unpacked.  We simply never bonded with the house despite the beautiful location.  It was our house, not our home ... something that is difficult to explain.

This new house has immediately become our home.  Three of our original pieces of artwork have found their perfect spot.  My gorgeous and I do me gorgeous buffet with curved glass door is now gracing our main dining area with all of my Depression and Pre-depression glass sparkling on the shelves.  It's a real beauty that hasn't had a true display location for almost ten years.  Another display cabinet in the main dining area is loaded with my antique canning jar, milk bottles and similar items all sparkling on their glass shelves.  Then there's the books ... I'm like a kid in the candy store.  All my precious books are coming out of their boxes.  It's like I reacquainting with old long lost friends!

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