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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - The Blessings of a New Home

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Quite frankly our last house despite owning it and a beautiful location never became our home.  I don't know why but the feeling was mutual.  Our new house in the matter of seventeen days has become a home!  Original paintings have been hung.  I know where I'm hanging family pictures, my needlework pieces and those lovely documents that prove I'm not stupid.  My pre-depression and Depression era glassware is on proud display in a beautiful china cabinet with bowed glass that hasn't been a focal point in our house/home in over ten years.  Another glass cabinet that was pushed to the side joins the china cabinet to display antique canning jars, milk bottles and Fiestaware.  Sitting atop that cabinet is the very last gift my Mom ever gave me before she died - a gorgeous painted vase.  The handmade pieces of ceramics my husband and I made back in the 80's have come out of their hiding spots.  My stunning and I do mean stunning pieces of cut lead glass grace one of our dining areas.  My books are still being unpacked but one bookcase is already filled.  My books bring me great pleasure, filling me with peace.  Surprisingly most of them are scientific, not novels or fiction but in many ways they define me as a person.  They say the best way to know someone is to view their bookshelf and my gosh that is so true with me!  That reminds me, I need to check for the scheduling of this year's symposiums and drop in for a chat with a couple of my former professors.  My husband's grandfather's beautiful oak desk complete with my husband's aunt's signature in one drawer is now in the computer room, a piece of pride and many, many memories.  As I've unpacked, rediscovering items that have been in storage too long it hit home that the vast majority of our possessions are not about the actual item but rather the memory associated with that item.  I have seriously broke out in fits of laughter at finding a long stored item while breaking out in tears at finding another as the memories come flooding back.

I had my first bath in our new home.  As I stood before the mirror, tired and pretty much exhausted, looking at my reflection complete with blackened eye (yes I really did walk into a wall because I failed to use a modern invention called lighting) and greying hair, I could not help but ponder how good our lives are!  This move was a good one for us, something we should have done long ago.  We are walking more, reconnecting with old friends and seeing more of our family.  That is never a bad thind :)

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