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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Buck it Up Buttercup

I am now on to almost finished painting the third room in our house in the last two weeks.  I'm tired of the perpetual, never ending headache of smelling paint.  It is low odour but it still smells.  I'm not sleeping more than a hour at a time and up early every morning this month to volunteer for the school breakfast program.  I am very frustrated with the lack of food at one of the schools so sweet talked my husband into donating food on behalf of the business.  Trust me hungry children cannot learn!  It doesn't help my mood that one of the other volunteers has an attitude from he-double hockey sticks with me as the target.  I bite my tongue a lot while at that school but she will not break me!  I'm there for the kids not her.  I'm just saying...

We hosted for our regular games night (about 15) then the following day for Superbowl (about 30) and were on the go every single day last week.  I've dealt with the internet going out, and pest control.  My sense of humour at catching 3 mice in less than two weeks along with killing off carpenter ants is not very good so we called in the pros.  That meant I was multi-tasking between Bell and the pest control guy just after our friend who is doing the custom woodworking left.  Oh and then my doctor's office called to say I failed one test so need to undergo further tests...like I really needed that!  AND my husband signed me up for volleyball Friday nights.  Apparently my head is a walking target for the volleyball as well with one resulting trip to ER but that is because it came so close after the slip and fall at the airport so I lost vision in my right eye for a short period.  It also doesn't help that my impacted wisdom tooth is showing signs of infection or that I am the head of a very large and what promises to be a huge community project. 

Two things happened to bring everything back into perspective.  First, someone at volleyball said "Buck it Up Buttercup".  That has become my new mantra because the reality is no matter how bad I feel or how tired I am, someone has it worse.  The second thing that happened was a little girl that comes to the one school's breakfast program (I'm at two schools) came up to me and thanked me for feeding her.  I held back the tears until I got in the car to drive home realizing I had made a difference for one child for one day and you know that is all that really matters!  So, BUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!  Life is grand especially when you have the opportunity to help others ...

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