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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sightseeing in Florida

marshland near our vacation home in Florida
Marshland Near Our Vacation Home
December 13, 2011

Florida really is a pretty state!  There is an amazing abundance of waterfowl to enjoy that attracted by the many ponds, marshlands and larger bodies of water.  We had to go to the post office shortly after arriving at our vacation home.  When we finished, instead of taking the city streets back home, we found a little, meandering road that followed the water's edge from where we connected about a block from the post office to where we connected back up with the main highway.  It was a gorgeous, scenic and relaxing drive!  There were pockets of marshland between the water's edge and the larger body of water so we had ample opportunity to take a few pictures of waterfowl.  On the other side of the road where heritage homes although they may not have had the actual designation.  They were quaint, unpretentious and full of character!

Getting off the beaten track has always been important to us.  It is the only way to see some of the more interesting sights regardless of where you are visiting.   It is also a wonder break from the hustle and bustle of urban areas but even in urban areas a bit of exploring can easily yield a plethora of amazing sightseeing opportunities.  It is surprising what gorgeous little pockets of wonder are tucked into urban areas!

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