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Friday, February 03, 2012

Arrival at Orlando, Florida for Our Winter Vacation

tram ride from terminal at Orlando International Airport
Tram View Heading from Gate to Main Terminal
(Orlando International Airport)
December 6, 2011

We arrived at Orlando International Airport for the second leg of our winter vacation a bit ahead of schedule as they put us onto an earlier flight.  It is a good thing we arrived at the airport in Milwaukee earlier.  We would have had time for a leisurely breakfast had our flight not been changed.  As it was we ended up with just enough time to grab a coffee and board the plane.  The flight was pleasant with a smooth take-off and landing.  We arrived in Orlando about 4:30 PM then once at the gate took the tram to the main terminal where we headed to the car rental area to pick-up our rental car.  We have got it to the point that we can fly between home and our vacation home with no checked baggage as well as print our tickets ahead of time so we only have to head to security when boarding then straight to the rental car area after landing.  This saves a considerable amount of time.  It was a beautiful late afternoon, perfect for picture taking.  The sky was a gorgeous azure with fluffy white clouds marking the promise of a wonderful and pleasantly warm winter vacation to unfold.

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