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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - The First Week of 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

A week ago today we greeted a brand new year, full of hopes and promises.  Goodness time does fly!  It has been a rather busy but uneventful week.  The weather has been unseasonably mild so my husband worked on organizing the garage, freeing up a bit of room for getting the car in and out.  A few things were taken to Goodwill reducing a bit more of our clutter.  I did a massive organizing session in my new pantry.  While we were on our winter vacation a mouse managed to find it's way into the house.  Nothing was touched in the pantry which is surprising as some foods were not protected due to the move.  Now they are all protected!  We set traps, put out bait under the decks and plugged in the electronic rodent devices.  So far there have been no further signs of our critter visitor.  My husband changed out the hall light fixture and we talked about a few plans for the house to be done in 2012.  My husband finally came into the 21st century by opening a Facebook account for the business.  Now I just have to get him into Twitter.  We held our first larger event of the year last night.  It was a huge success with all having a good time.  And so went the first week of 2012...

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