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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Over the Wing

looking out the airplane window into the clouds
Over the Wing
December 6, 2011

My husband and I left here on December 4, flying out of Detroit into Milwaukee for the first leg of our winter vacation.  It really wasn't all that cold when we left but I will tell you Wisconsin was cold.  We spent a couple of days there then flew out from Milwaukee to Orlando, Florida.

It was a good thing we arrived at the airport early as the flight we were supposed to be on was cancelled and they bumped us up to an earlier flight.  We had time to grab a quick coffee then board the plane.  The flight was uneventful so I amused myself looking out the window and playing with the television.  We few Delta so they had individual televisions for ever seat but we only had one set of headphones with us.  My husband was interested in the golf and I was so, so about HLN so decided to snap pictures out the window instead.

Flying above the clouds is always quite nice.  I so love their fluffy, comforting look!  At the same time they hide what is below and since the cloud coverage was rather heavy most of the trip, I didn't get a lot of good shots out of the window.  It was a very nice flight though with a smooth landing.  And so our winter vacation in the sunny south began...
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