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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - A Splash of Colour

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

As an avid DIYer and crafter, I like to watch the DIY shows for home decorating and gardening ideas.  Several years ago, one of the hosts on a DIY show made the comment that every home needs a red room.  Now my husband is a huge Detroit Redwings fan so the sports room has a lot of red in it but the walls aren't red.  Red made it's way into the kitchen via dinnerware and lids to the glass food storage containers I use.  When we first viewed this house, I planned on doing the kitchen black and white with splashes of red if we were the successful purchasers.  Well, we were successful but after moving in it was fairly obvious my colour scheme would not work yet at the same time the taupe walls weren't working in the kitchen.  I devised a plan to paint every room in the house as my winter project.

I was on the Behr website using their decorating tool starting with the green I wanted for our bedroom.  All the colours in the house would in effect co-ordinate back to that green.  At the same time the colour scheme of taupe, green and burgundy was the same as our vacation home making it so that any items taken from here would automatically match there and visa versa.  I had a nice co-ordinating burgundy picked out for our home office and a taupe for the kitchen.  My husband said the burgundy would look great in the kitchen so I thought what the heck, headed over to Home Hardware.  They have the codes to make most of the Behr colours except they didn't have the code for that burgundy.  I came back home to get the next closest burgundy colour number then when back to Home Hardware but on the way there did a quick turn-around.  I was onto plan B.  I grabbed one of the dinner plates then went back to Home Hardware where they custom matched the paint to the plates.  

The kitchen is now a deep, rich splash of almost a ruby red.  It is absolutely gorgeous!  The red makes the marble tile floor pop and serves as a wonderful backdrop for the black appliances while bringing out the warm tones in the oak cabinets.  I can't help but smile every time I go into the kitchen.  Red is a very difficult paint to work with and this one has been about a difficult as they come taking more coats than expected but the end result has been well worth it.  I'm so glad I listened to my husband and used the red in the kitchen!  What a wonderful splash of colour, one that will continue to bring a smile not only to me but to everyone who sees it...

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