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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - The Grands

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Have you ever wondered why the word grand is used to describe Grandparents or Grandchildren?  Well the bottom line is these relatives are grand in every sense of the word!  The relationships themselves is almost magical, one feeding off of the other.  After all you can't become and Grandparent without a Grandchild and yet you can be a Grandchild without ever knowing your Grandparents.  The beauty of being a Grandparent with an intimate relationship with your Grandchild/Grandchildren is absolutely priceless! 

Parents to oldest and youngest Grandchildren along with the little angels visited us today for brunch.  They were down to visit the newest member of the family born on Saturday weighing in at 8 lb 6 oz.  Our Grandchildren were beyond excited at the prospect of meeting their new little cousin!  Papa made everyone grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for brunch while Grandma pulled out a can of home canned peaches to top the vanilla icecream.  Oldest Grandchild spotted popcorn kernels in the pantry so Grandma got out the popcorn popper while the treasured magic popcorn bowl was carefully carried to the kitchen.  Both Grandchildren pulled a chair to the counter to watch the popcorn pop.   It's quite neat to watch.  It is an electric version of the WhirlyPopper, ultra quiet, no spout and just gorgeous popped corn filling the bowl.  With the popcorn filling the magic popcorn bowl, they contented snuggled up with Grandma and Papa on the couch.  We chit chatted with the parents (aka our amazing kids) while the little ones munched on their treat and all was well.  What a wonderful way to spend a bit of time on a Sunday!

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