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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year

Today we greet a brand new year with welcomed arms with our traditional surf & turf dinner of steak and lobster.  The old year (2011) was full of turmoil sprinkled with many good times but for the most part a year of change.  We were very blessed to be able to travel to Las Vegas and Wisconsin as well as spend three extended periods of time at our vacation home in Florida.  We enjoyed many great times with family and friends over the year.  Our kids and Grandkids are happy, healthy and continue to shower us with many blessings.  After a two and half year period I finally got rid of my online stalker.  After waiting patiently for 18 months we finally sold our house (wonderful news) at a loss (bad news) but at least we were able to move into the house we really wanted on September 1.  The new house is absolutely wonderful and while there are a few things we have had to deal with, I'm sure we will establish many happy memories here.  We are looking forward to decorating as well as establishing new garden beds.  It is destined to be a party house but in a good way.  On the downside, I was injured in mid-February taking more than three weeks to become fully mobile again.  My husband was hospitalized with an unknown virus then diagnosed as being pre-diabetic.  In December I had a slip and fall at the airport so am still sporting the tell tale signs of that injury.  Our health problems in 2011 have been a blessing in disguise as we work towards a healthier 2012.   While 2011 was a year well lived, 2012 is bound to be better!

Happy New Year!

Garden Gnome

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