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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Honey, You've Got Mail!

We are used to getting telemarketer calls aka phone spamming and email spam but imagine our surprise when my husband received a letter from Malaysia!  Since we know no one in Malaysia it came as a great surprise that he was being contacted by Francis Lee who is an Account Manager with United Overseas Bank of Malaysia.  Well that fancy title certainly got our attention!  Apparently one of my husband's long lost relatives had the misfortune of dying in Malaysia without having the chance to spend his or her's fairly large sum of money.  We really do feel bad about this as we always make it a priority to attend any weddings, funerals and those types of special events.  Had we know we would have been there!  Unfortunately we find out this way through Francis Lee who certainly does have my husband's best interests at heart.  He wants to get my husband's long lost relatives savings to my husband.  Isn't that so sweet of him?  My husband needs to email him at francisllee@aol.com to get the information how to proceed to get this substantial windfall.

And you dear readers are in luck today as you get 2 pictures instead of one.  Here is a scan of the actual letter and the envelope it came in:

For those wondering, no my husband did not fall for this glorified spam.  Instead the letter and envelope was scanned then turned over to the local police department.  These types of letters do get through occasionally and the really sad thing about some people will ultimately fall for this scam thinking it is real. Turning this type of communication over to the police is one way to help prevent others from being scammed.

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  1. Anonymous2:31 PM

    Thank you for providing this type of scams in the net I also got a mail directly to my inbox same one with my surname, I also tempted but also think it seems like a scam and use google with the letters francis lee account manager United oversees Bank. Then I came across your blog. Hence I confirmed. be careful. Have a nice day bye

  2. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I got a similar email from the United Overseas Bank, Malaysia, this time from a guy named Chong Kie Cheong. Thanks for putting the netizens on alert.

    1. Anonymous1:52 PM

      I got the exact same email today and searched for Francis Lee and came across this blog. Thank you again for notification

  3. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Thank you for notification!

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Yep thank you. Just received this letter in the mail and googled it and saw your blog.

  5. Anonymous5:08 AM

    i recieved this e-mail too. Claiming i was the last known relative of some client he had. thank you for posting. This scamming should be stoped!


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