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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Chaos Starts the Week

My gosh!  I spent the weekend at the home of oldest and youngest grandchildren.  What a hoot!  I left for their place around lunchtime on Saturday and arrived back home Sunday about 9 pm.  I was going to stay longer but our real estate agent called to see if they could do the first dog and pony show Monday morning.  That meant I had to get home Sunday night in order to do the spit and shine for the showing.  I didn't get into bed until 2:30 in the morning then was back up at 8:30 am to do the last minute touches.  At the same time I knew dumb and dumber were coming out to fix our satellite dish for the internet.  As I puttered I hoped they would show up after the dog and pony show.

The dog and pony show went well with 7 agents and our agent attending.  The one comment was the stairs to the sunporch needed painting so I was on the phone to one of our kids who picked up the paint and came out to prep the stairs.  The intention was to do the first coat of paint today but I started it after dumb and dumber and $290.25 left.  Apparently when the high winds moved the satellite dish they also damage part of it.  The nice thing is I managed to avoid paying HST on the part, so take that McGuinty!  By the time I finished the first coat of paint on the stairs (inner supports, landing and runners) it was time for dinner and Corrie.  Then it was time for laundry, a bit of blogging and the quick realization I think I'm coming down with a cold.  And so the week started...

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