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Friday, November 12, 2010

Grandma's Road Trip

Grandma's Road Trip
October 30, 2010

Much to the amazement of our kids Grandma decided to take a road trip to visit them while Papa was at hunt camp.  The grandkids were beyond excited that Grandma was coming for a visit as well.  Grandma seldom pays attention to directions when Papa is driving so she played it safe and had Papa set up Lucy before he left.  And so Grandma's road trip began

Grandma had to pack the car by herself which was a little odd because Papa always packs the car.  She purposely waited to get on the road to let the morning fog burn off by playing on the computer while sipping hot coffee trying to talk herself out of going.  Visiting the kids wasn't the issue but the length of drive was!  So just after lunch Grandma pulled out of the driveway determined to reach her destination.  She quickly learned playing the punch buggy game by herself wasn't a lot of fun.  She also found herself missing Papa having friendly little chit chats with other drivers when they do a bit of stunt driving.  It was all worth the long drive to see the big smiles on the kids faces as two little bundles of joy almost knocked Grandma over in their excitement!

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