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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Run Recap

This year we ended up making two turkey runs for a total of 4 turkeys.  The total weight came to 78.97 lb at a total cost of $41.67 which works out to 52.7¢ per lb.  Not bad!  I'll recoup the cost of the turkeys just in the value of the stock from 2 of the carcasses.  To get the turkeys at that price we had to spend an additional $20 per turkey or a total of $80.  We were very frugal spending that extra $80, ending up with mainly groceries we would have been buying anyway, a pair of jeans for my husband, a shirt for me and a gift.  There were a couple of excellent meat deals like a 5 lb pork loin for $7 that really helped stretch that $80.  I'll divide that with half being cured for pea meal bacon and the other half as a roast in the slow cooker.  Over all this year's turkey runs were quite frugal!

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