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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Snot Factory

red nose

I am pleased to announce The Snot Factory is working overtime.  Production has been so much so as to interfere with daily activities and sleeping of laypersons not working in the factory.  What is surprising as how The Snot Factory can almost instantly go into overtime at the slightest mention of a pollen grain or gawd forbid a virus flickers by.  Not once have I ever heard even so much as a murmur of a strike on behalf of the workers.  They don't flinch at cohercion techniques like netti pots or saline sprays.  They hold a parade if sinus tablets are thought of enjoying the thought of blowing kleenex flags.  I'd like to know who is exactly paying their wages because it certainly isn't me.  Now a hostile take-over to control these millitant works would be welcomed but I best not say too much as just in case the workers rebel!

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