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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Dodging Bullets

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

This past week has been one filled with many blessings.  We've had two horrid winter storms which during one of them we were entertaining.  Everyone from that event got home safe and sound despite the horrible driving conditions.  Later in the week another storm hit very much like the first but a bit later in the evening.  My husband managed to still get into the office the following morning even though the roads had not been plowed.  The snow was quite thick and drifting making for treacherous driving conditions.  Early in the week, I saw my doctor for a follow-up on my leg injury.  I was quite thankful for clear, dry roads combined with rather mild temperatures that day.  She is keeping a close eye on it so I will be making a few more trips there but the best news is surgery isn't required barring any further complications.  She warned me the healing process is going to be slow going so while I won't be dancing a jig any time soon, I am up and about.  I was reminded what a miraculous machine the human body is, well capable of healing itself if given half a chance!  I had been house bound for seventeen days so getting out into the fresh air felt good as well.  What a great week it was all the way around!

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