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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Humour Trumps in a Stressful Week

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

The past week has been a rather stressful one here.  My husband is currently working 16 to 18 hour days and due to a couple of external issues apart from home and office life, his stress level has reached a new high level interfering with what little sleep he is getting.  My leg is still in the healing process.  After a month, I expected things to be cleared right up but it wasn't meant to be.  We went out to a fish fry with friends Friday.  They were shocked to see how nasty my leg still looks!  I'm getting behind in things I want to do like paint our bedroom and get some canning done but I still can't do that so it's adding to my stress and frustration.  Despite the stress, we have managed to find a few moments to share a bit of laughter.  Honestly, anytime you can laugh is a good time but laughing in the face of adversity is one of the best coping mechanisms there is.  Keeping that sense of humour goes a long way when having to deal with unpleasant people and issues as well.  This week our sense of humour served us well.  What a blessing it was to be able to laugh a little!

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