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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Persistent Telemarketer

Over the past two month, actually since arriving home from our winter vacation on January 9th, we have had the great pleasure of receiving two to three calls daily from 1-855-422-0416.  After the first couple of calls I Googled to find that the number was indeed a telemarketer who had got our phone number from CAA.  Well isn't that just special!  See we are on Canada's National Do Not Call Registry which is about the biggest farce the CRTC has come up with yet.  For a government agency that is suppose to protect the rights of consumers the get a big FAIL.  In reality what happens is the CRTC sells the list to telemarketers who are supposed to add your number to their do not call list, and perhaps some do.  But then those telemarketers turn around and sell that list to other telemarketers to recoup their costs so you get bombarded with calls from the second telemarketer.  Now that we have established the CRTC are nothing but a bunch of total nincompoops and for so many more reasons than just the do not call registry, onto our current persistent telemarketer.

We bought a new phone system in November of 2009.  It has all the onboard features that you would have to pay for from your telephone provider.  The only thing needed to make them work is subscribing to your telephone provider's Caller ID.  When I add a phone number to my blocked caller list on our phone, if that number calls again it rings once for the Caller ID to recognize it then disconnects the caller and shows on the caller list as an arrow with a line through it rather than just the arrow for calls that are not blocked.  A log is kept of these calls as well so I can easily check to see if a blocked number keeps calling in the event a complaint needs to be filed. 

Since January this number has called two to three times a day except for Sundays.  Now either it is one very dimwitted who can't get it through that one brain cell that obviously we are using some type of block so they will never get through to us or they are using some type of autodialer.  I thought the CRTC said no autodialers but it's not like they will do anything about it.  Today after two calls I used *67 to call the number.  It is the EMS Contact Centre for Comperaction or something like that calling us with a very interesting offer and they will call us back again according to their message.  Let's see the 62 plus calls they have made here since January 10 that have been automatically disconnected by our phone system is not clue enough we are not interested?  Honestly, how dumb are these people?

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  1. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I look up all solicited call regularly since last year. I got one from this number too. Also CAA. I am already a member of CAA so I don't know why they would call. I told them I don't take solicited calls. I find that if I call a number back they call all the more. I appreciate people sharing their stories. I am also on the National Do Not Call List, yet I get a few calls each day. I tried to lower my ringer so I don't get so frustrated when the phone rings, but need calls from my family so I leave the ringer on.


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