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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Injury Update

Sorry for today's delayed post but I had good reason.  I went to my doctor's to have my leg checked.  After a full 16 days on crutches, I was able to put pressure on my leg enough to slowly hobble around yesterday.  That has resulted in more bruising from the hematoma drainingThe good news is if I continue with what I'm doing (rest, icing, elevation, arnica cream, high dose Vitamin C) the healing should continue.   She measured the hematoma at 4 cm so will be keeping an eye on how it progresses.  I have see her in two weeks as she is off next week but have strict orders that if there are any negative changes before she sees me again to go to emerg.   The two main concerns is compartment syndrom and clotting at the back of my leg.  I am rather pleased with today's results so well I won't be dancing a jig or even going for a walk anytime soon, I'm off the crutches enabling me to putter about the house :)

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