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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

A Bit of a Healing Setback

I injured my leg quite badly on February 18 and while the damage looked quite nasty x-rays showed no obvious fractures although there was the possibility of a hairline fracture.  From the 19th through part of the 26th I was on resting, elevating and icing my leg and on crutches only if I really had to get up.  Being forced to sit with an injury is not my idea of rest and relaxation.  On the afternoon of the 26th I put a bit of pressure on my leg.  It didn't hurt so I hobbled into the kitchen to do a bit of puttering, not for long but something to break the monotony of sitting so much, something a previous injury makes difficult.  Sunday my leg still felt rather good even though it looked horrible.  I hobbled without crutches not a lot but just enough make tea, go to the washroom and get to the bedroom.   Monday morning it was quite apparent that there had been some internal bleeding at the bruise site so back onto icing, elevation and crutches.  The pain was back as well but the most discerning complication was my leg and foot started getting cold indicating circulation was being cut off.  By bedtime both were still quite cold.  During the very restless night I woke several times to check the temperature of my leg and foot that remained quite cold until about 3 AM along with occasional stabbing pains.  This morning it is quite painful so still on crutches but I'm not going to try pushing it.  I've always maintained that using pain killers gives a greater risk of further damage because you tend to use the injured area before it is fully healed. 

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