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Friday, March 11, 2011

Electronic Word Finder

Selectronics WordFinder™ by Xerox Corp. and Microlytics Inc.
WordFinder™ 220 
March 10, 2011

The other day I was clearing my desk a bit.  Anyone who knows me knows my desk is always organized chaos.  I know where everything is even though it may not look like it to others.  I have a basket of goodies left over from my university days that I use mainly for my genealogy research.  These include things like micro cassettes for recording interviews and making verbal notes for myself, my PDA, corrector tape, floppy discs and my WordFinder™ 220.  I have had the WordFinder™ 220 for years and years, acquired shortly after starting my fourteen year academic career.  By today's standards this single use spell checker and thesaurus is a dinosaur but it still an excellent performer.  It even has a jumble feature for those puzzles where the letters in the word are scrambled.  Just type in the scrambled letters and it will suggest the word.  So there you have one of my relics from the past still in use today :)

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