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Friday, March 18, 2011

Pots of Gold!

FrontierVille pots of gold
FrontierVille Pots of Gold
March 18, 2011

During the first two weeks of my leg injury where my mobility was greatly reduced, I started getting involved in Facebook.  There I discovered a game called FrontierVille and while that has led me to also playing CityVille and FarmVille, FrontierVille is my favourite.  On March 16 the leprechauns came to FrontierVille in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.  They were to replace that pesky groundhog but what I didn't realize is you had to have finished the find a spouse mission and plant certain crops (10 clover, 15 potatoes, 20 cabbage) for the leprechauns to appear.  I was a bit disappointed as I haven't finished that mission yet.  Then when I was feeding some of the animals a collectable appeared for the St. Patrick's Day Collection.  You need to collect a penny whistle, pint glass, shamrock, hurly stick and celtic harpWithin a short time I had collected enough of the various collectables for this collect so traded in for my first pot of gold!  The pot of gold is just the packaging though.  Inside each pot of gold can hold goodies like: green waterfall, green fountain, leprechaun statue, festive table, or keg of green liquid.  I haven't opened mine yet but will likely when I'm finished playing tonight.

By evening I had 4 pots of gold but then all Zynga games went down so I wasn't able to play further.  This morning I finally got FrontierVille to load and quickly traded in another collection for a pot of gold.  I'm having a hard time getting FrontierVille to load right now so there are some ongoing issues that need fixing.  Hopefully they get things fixed soon!

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