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Saturday, December 10, 2011


aquariums at Cabela's

Aquarium at Cabela's
December 5, 2011

Over the years we have had a series of fish aquariums ranging from small fish bowls to huge 5' x 2' x 2.5' aquarium to hold some of the pond fish over the winter.  We have not had aquariums at our last two houses but I am seriously considering setting up one in our new house.  I love aquariums!  There is just something calming and mesmerizing watching fish gracefully flit around the water.  Aquariums bring life to a room!  The aquariums at Cabela's are huge, not as big as some of the humongous tanks at some of the casinos in Las Vegas but these are still huge tanks.  I could stand there gazing at the fish all day!  Yes, an aquarium is definitely in the plans for our new house.

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