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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blog Your Blessings Sunday - Dodging the Bullet

Blog Your Blessings Sunday

Last week I was sick, not deathly sick but definitely sick and not the best when trying to do a couple of road trips.  The thing is it wasn't a definite cold and I still think it was more allergies but at any rate, high doses of Vitamin C with extra rest helped a lot.  This week my husband was fine one minute, went out for the morning and came home sick.  His was more of an obvious cold but still not a cold given the presentation.  It was fast onset, no temperature but major chest congestion.  We went to the pharmacy where I stocked up on three cold & flu remedies including my husband's old stand by, Nyquil.  I made a nice hot cup of tea for him, tucked him in on the couch and started a batch of homemade beef noodle soup for the next day.  It will be a couple of days of him taking it easy.  All in all, while we aren't out of the water yet, both of us are on the mend and that is a blessing :)

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