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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dance Like No One is Watching

new shoes
New Dancing Shoes
December 13, 2011

I like to dance not that I'm any good at it and have two left feet without being blessed with rhythm. Obviously my Mom wasted money on those ineffective tap dance lessons I took briefly as a child!  Still I like to dance. Dancing is a great way to get a bit of exercise, loosen up stiff muscles and ease back pain.  I even have a decorative wall art quote on the header of the staircase that says "Dance Like No One is Watching".  We went out a couple of nights ago, just the perfect excuse to buy a new pair of shoes.  Being a shoeaholic, you would think I would know better than to go dancing in a brand new pair of shoes.  I seldom wear high heeled shoes, preferring a lower profile shoe.  This pair is low wedge heel, rounded toe softies by Faded Glory.  They fit nicely and felt comfortable immediately so I wasn't too concerned.  At the end of a wonderful night, I only had one tiny rub spot on the back of my right heel where the top of the shoe hits.  Not bad for an evening of fun spent in cute new shoes :)

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