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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Treading on the Thin Ice of Political Correctness

My husband and I just returned home from a wonderful two and a half week vacation stay at our vacation home in the sunny south.  Well actually the first two days were spent visiting family in Wisconsin then we flew from there to Florida.   During our stay my frequent comment was Happy Holidays while my husband's was Merry Christmas.  I gritted my teeth but said nothing.  Surely the diabolical looks to give a hint that he was not being politically correct should have been enough AND those looks were not coming from me!  He'd say a cheery Merry Christmas and some looked at him disdainfully as if he had just picked his nose while scratching his butt. 

We were shopping yesterday after a rather eventful flight the night before.  We stayed over night specifically to do a bit of shopping.  Here we are two and a half weeks later and my husband asked me why I said Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas.  Talk about a woosh!  So I explained to him that saying Merry Christmas was no longer politically correct as it could damage someone's physic or something.  Then I told him that not everyone believes in the Christmas spirit or spreading good cheer or simply extending good will to their fellow mankind and Christmas AND they don't want to be reminded of that by someone saying Merry Christmas.  His response was BAH HUMBUG!

Bah humbug indeed!  We as a society take offense to wishing someone a Merry Christmas.  We take offense at using the word gay in a Christmas carol - true story as a teacher changed the word because the students laughed when the word was sung.  We can no longer enjoy children's Christmas concerts in the schools or allow our kids to enjoy anything Christmas in the schools become some kids do not celebrate Christmas.  I don't even decorate my blogs for Christmas any more lease someone takes offense.  Bah humbug!

AND for those not offended

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Garden Gnome

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