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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Christmas Shopping

We did a little Christmas shopping yesterday.  My husband and I have two very different Christmas shopping styles.  I like to spread the shopping out over the year, effectively avoiding the Christmas shopping hubba-ballo.  He loves to do the main shopping somewhere between December 23rd and 24th, right in the midst of the Christmas chaos.  The stores were not as busy as I thought they would be.  We managed to find a couple of great deals.  I was surprised to see gift bags, wrapping paper and bows already at 50% off!  We stopped for lunch at a great little pub and grill where we enjoyed garlic butter jumbo chicken wings.  They were quite tasty.  Then we finished up the shopping and headed back to get dinner on.  The house sure smelled delicious with the pot roast cooking for the rest of the afternoon.

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